March 2, 2018

Q & A seven

Q: Will you be illustrating during the Oscars this weekend?

A: YES! The Oscars red carpet is hands down my favorite of the
year. The gowns are strategically chosen, the celebs perfectly poised,
the setting clean and crisp.... it's literally everything I could ask for
as an illustrator. Who will be wearing what? Will there be tons of 
color, big goofy gowns, or will it be more subdued with clean lines
and neutral colors? If I had to guess, I'm putting my money on flirty
and frilly details, féminine touches, light colors (I hoping at least one
person shows up in lavender)... an overall nod to a fresh season. 

Tune in Sunday afternoon for the red carpet and keep your phone close...
I'll be blowing up instagram with some live illustrating. 

Who are you most excited to see Sunday? 

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