December 9, 2016

2 Easy Holiday Cocktails

'Tis the season for eating, drinking and being merry!

Today we're bringing you two of the easiest cocktails that will surely make a splash 
with your guests. Whether you're the host or simply being a gracious guest by not showing 
up empty handed, these are two cocktails you'll want to have in your arsenal. Seriously, 
they're are so easy (translation: they take about 5 minutes to throw together and have about
 4 ingredients total). 

They pass the taste test, the time test, and most importantly, the short list of ingredients
test. I have been wanting an excuse to use my fresh rosemary plant, and both of these
cocktails called for a garnish of rosemary!

I came across the first one while flipping through the Favorite Things issue of the O Mag. 
Oprah always seems to kill it at all things Christmas, let's be serious. The only thing that
takes a little planning is freezing ice cubes in advance. They are what takes this one to the
ultra fancy (looking) Christmas punch level. I halfed the recipe below to simply make one
pitcher full.

pitcher: World Market  |  champagne flutes: World Market  |  tray: West Elm  |  "Eloise" notecards

2 bottles Prosecco (chilled)
3 C white cranberry juice (or white grape juice)
20 drops Angostura bitters
1 C fresh cranberries
Rosemary sprigs (for garnish)

In each section of a large ice cube tray, place a few cranberries and a cluster of rosemary leaves. 
Fill with water and freeze about 6 hours or overnight. In a punch bowl, combine Prosecco, juice, 
and bitters. Add prepared ice cubes and additional fresh cranberries to bowl just before guests arrive, and serve.

(recipe source)

The next one popped up on my instagram feed as a sponsored ad and instantly grabbed 
my attention. It screams cold weather with hints of maple syrup, a splash of something
sweet in the grapefruit juice and a Christmasy touch of rosemary as a finishing touch. 

wine glasses: Pier 1  |  "Mays" notecards  |  all photos: Catherine Truman Photography

4 parts Vodka (Grey Goose)
1 part organic maple syrup
5 parts freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice
1 pinch of sale
1 sprig of rosemary

Add the maple syrup, a pinch of salt, and a sprig of rosemary to a glass. Mash
the rosemary to combine the flavors. Top with the vodka and fresh grapefruit juice. 
Serve over ice.

Cheers to the holiday season! 


December 8, 2016

Handsome Gifts for Him

We're going to keep the gift ideas keep coming...

Today, we're switching gears to Handsome Gifts for Him. You can find this new
category added to our massive 2016 Gift Guide here. If he knows what he did, 
maybe a bag of coal (also known as a soap set) will set him straight. If you're
looking for something more personal, we're obsessed with these city map
glasses. Don't forget, men need personal care items, too. To keep him looking
ever so dapper, throw a fresh mouthwash or Scotch-infused toothpick set in
his stocking; wrap up a sleek cashmere brush or sweater stone to keep his wools
winter-ready; tie a big bow around an updated hard-sided suitcase if he's always
on the go. 

If he's more of a tech-guy, consider these noise-cancelling headphones something
you'll want to gift because (trust me) you'll want to borrow them for long flights!
You can't beat this cute electronics cleaning brush as an add-on.

Oh, but let's be serious, the easiest, most useful gift you can give a guy is a new
wrist watch. My favorite is a classic timepiece by Daniel Wellington. I have become quite
the collector... I'm obsessed with the simple, sleek face and timeless leather strap. 
This is another one you want to gift because you know you want to borrow. 
(You'll also find these on our A-Z Gift Guide under "W")

Get 15% off your purchase when you use the code FUSON15 on the
Daniel Wellington website. Head over and consider your shopping done! 

December 7, 2016

Top Beauty Buys

The 2016 Gift Guide launched just in time for those last minute shoppers 
(hint hint: Christmas is less than 20 days away!!).

Today I'm expanding it to include my favorites in the Beauty category.
From the Tweexy Nail Polish holder to the Spa Tower (hello, perfect for 
moms and grandmothers), the people that created these items are pretty much 
geniuses. I've included some of my absolute must-haves that I use on a daily basis 
forget the St. Tropez gradual tan to help fight the winter blues). But one of my favorite 
finds this year has to be the Spatty Datty... get every last drop out of those narrow makeup 
bottles with these reusable mini spatulas (for lack of a better term). 

See the full Gift Guide here and the latest addition, my Top Beauty Buys.

I'm excited to share another one of my latest additions to the beauty counter...
the Quantum Switch by Theorie. The set includes 4 different sized barrels to
create the perfect look for every occasion. I prefer to use a larger barrel to create beachy 
waves, but if you're wanting a tighter curl, there are options! It also includes a glove
so you won't burn your hand and comes in a perfectly sized travel bag. This one is
a must-have! 

December 4, 2016

2016 Gift Guide

1. The Coveteur  //  2. Vintage Remix  //  3. Elements of Style  // 4. Celebrate Everything  
//  5. Gold Drops  //  6. Blush Drops  //  7. Royal Drops  //  8. Black Tassels  
//  9. Gold Tassels

1. Honey Flight  //  2. Lights Chocolate Set  //  3. Bloody Mary Box  //  4. Fig Balsamic Vinegar  
//  5. Hickory Smoked Honey  //  6. Truffle Honey  //  7. Fruit Jam Trio

1. Stocking Flask  //  2. Travel Twister  //  3. Desktop Cornhole  //  4. Game of Phones  
//  5. Table Topics  //  6. Giant Playing Cards

1. "Anna" Kahri Doll  //  2. "Audrey" Kahri Doll  //  3. "Karl" Kahri Doll  //  4. "Kate" Kahri Doll  

//  5. To-go Tumblers

1. U-dock for iPad  //  2. Rebecca Minkoff velvet clutch  //  3. Aerin velvet clutch  // 4. 

I'm thrilled to finally share the 2016 Gift Guide with you! We will be adding more to it over the next few days, so stay in the loop with the full gift guide on this page

November 29, 2016

Fresh Prints of BFP

Cyber Week continues...

We just added tons of new prints to the website! AND, they're
still half-price! Shop quick before your favorites are sold out!


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