June 4, 2018

Summer Selects

The temperatures are blazing hot and the humidity certainly
feels like it's at an all-time high. It can only mean one thing...
summer is here! While we're still a few weeks away from the
official first day of summer, it's time to get the bathing suits out,
transition to a summer bag, and make sunscreen your first priority
each morning (this SPF from Juice Beauty is my new favorite). I
put together an edited list of pieces you need to get through the
next few months that includes a transitional tote, a one-piece bathing
suit (thank heavens they're becoming the trend and not just the comfy
option), a statement earring, an easy white dress and two shoe options:
a fringy flat and a go-to platform.

One thing I tried to keep in mind when gathering my summer selects was
the slower pace of the new season. Kick back and relax. Don't overthink
it. Be comfortable and enjoy the little things that summer brings!
Happy shopping!

The key pieces:

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