February 25, 2013

Oscars '13

Did you watch the Oscars last night? It felt like the show was 5 hours long, but that's beside the point. Who were your favorites? We'll start with the good here...

You guessed it. My favorite of the night was Jennifer Lawrence for many reasons. First, this dress is stunning. Second, do you die for the back necklace? LOVE it. And finally, I just want to be friends with her. Don't you? Her fall up the stairs was epic. 

Purchase her here

Even her after-party dress was perfect.

She was followed closely by Jessica Chastain and Charlize Theron. I mean, how effortless do they look? It's like they're saying to all the young starlets, watch and learn. Watch and learn. Flawless. 

Throw in the mix of my favorites these as well: Naomi, Sandra, Halle, Zoe, and Stacy Keibler (of all people). 

Forget Hugh, Anne and Amanda... these two were the true Les Miserables standouts from last night: 

Kelly & Salma fell victim to when bad hair ruins a great dress. 

Then there were those that were on trend with either metallics or pastels, but that left me completely bored. Meh...

I do think the major trend was this pastel, nude color. So those that wore color stood out, and mostly not in a good way (except for Robin Roberts... she looks stunning in that velvet). Jennifer Hudson ruined it with the blue shoes and bag (though her hair is perfect), and Reese just looks short. I know she is pint-sized, but this is too much dress. 

If they weren't wearing blue, they were wearing these brights. Kerry Washington looks beautiful, but Sally Field's dress is a terrible choice. Terrible. If someone like Diane Kruger had sashayed in with that, I would have loved it. But not on Sally. It's too young for her as is Jen Anniston's princess red strapless boring blah blah blah with the same boring hair. I'm bored. 

I love the color of Jennifer Garner's dress and the idea of it, but it's almost a little too much. But how can you hate on it when Ben stole the night? Her necklace is spot on. 

And now my favorite part, the BAD. And trust me, they were really bad. Jane Fonda's obnoxious yellow dress is poorly constructed (or poorly steamed)... look at the front center seam. Renee looks a hot-mess. Did she have on any makeup? And Helen Hunt in H&M.... there's a reason they don't specialize in evening wear. Do you not own a steamer?? 

Anne, oh Anne. I can't even get into it. 

I think E! news said it best...

To end on a high, some of my favorite details were Nicole's earrings, Sandra's hair clip, and (of course) Jessica Chastain's perfect hair (and makeup and everything else). She's flawless. Jennifer Hudson gave me chills the second she opened her mouth and looked gorgeous in this charcoal sparkly stunner. 

For the men, who cares? A tuxedo is a tuxedo. They all look almost the same, but can we talk about Jason Clarke from Zero Dark Thirty. Ugghhh, new crush. How dapper does he look? I mean, really. Not to mention he's going to be in my favorite book-turned movie, The Great Gatsby


[ all photos via people.com & E! ]

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  1. Great wrap up on the night. You were spot on with them all. Anne dress was probably the worse I have seen on anyone!



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