February 26, 2013

Oscar Party Pics

Look, it's the best and worst of the night: 

via style.com

Some (or most) of the starlets in attendance at the Oscars change dresses for the after parties. Some were good choices... some were bad. Do I know who all of these people are? Absolutely not. Nevertheless, these ladies continued the shimmery, neutral tone of the night. Stunning. 

Another big trend of the after parties was white. All of these ladies did white right (yes, including Kim K.). How adorable does Natalie Portman look? 

Speaking of Kim K., let's talk about her jewelry. She posted these photos on Instagram... O. M. G. Those rings. Gimme. Right now. 

How about some color? Again, the blues... leaving me slightly blue with the exception of Naomi and Tory Burch (in the middle). Naomi's velvet gown is so perfect. Everyone else, try again next year, and Ginnifer, please grow your hair out. 

My favorite thing of the night is this styling catastrophe. So I mentioned yesterday how Sally Field's dress was all wrong on every level. Case and point, Hilary Swank (someone half her age), is wearing something so similar. It's mind blowing. Oops. Someone's stylist got fired today. Hilary for the win...

Another major trend of the night, the plunging V. Britney Spears tried it with new brown locks. Heidi shouldn't have tried it. And Zoe should have stayed in her gorg black and white dress from earlier. Who is this girl in the middle? I have no idea. Her makeup and lips are like, whoa. And so is the deep-V. But this dress is actually stunning on so many levels. Those on the right preferred black and white. Nicole Richie looks surprisingly demure. Vera Wang needs to gain 15 pounds, and I have no clue who the girl is in the top right. The detailed pleating on her dress is beautiful, though, and the deep-V is classy, not trashy (take notes, Heidi). 

What do you even say about these? Diane Kruger always pushes the envelope, but this doesn't translate well in photographs. I don't even know what to say about the other two. 

Who wants to go to the Oscars when you can party with these people? Ashley Olsen? Count me in. 

 I told you yesterday that I wanted to be best friends with Jennifer Lawrence. Throw her brothers in the mix, and I've even more excited about our new BFF relationship. Let's party. 

Ending with Anne... the best example of 2nd-dress-success. This grey dress is SO MUCH BETTER than her breast-baring wanna-be Audrey Hepburn pink number. Not my favorite of all time, but SO much better than the alternative. She looks effortlessly chic and pretty.

[ all photos via Pinterest - wwd.com - nymag.com ]

However, I'm still not satisfied. So, I decided to start from scratch. If I were styling her, these would be the top contenders:

(Jennifer Aniston would have looked gorg in the black & white Stephane Rolland)

But this was the clear winner (Stephane Rolland):

With some slight motifications, aka removing the sleeves, and a cool mohawk, here's Anne:

Anne, give me a call. I'll help you out next year. 

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  1. And boy did Anne need the help this year :) I love your re-invention of what should have been! Gorgeous!

    Haute Child in the City



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