September 13, 2012

The 2013 Planner is here!

Get to know the girls...

Meet March (or Mo), my mom's personal favorite... a girl on the move who isn't afraid to hop on her moped in her Louboutins. 

From Mo we go to May designed after my dear friend who dreams of opening a flower and gift shop one day (hopefully sooner rather than later). For some reason purple always reminds me of her, and she would totally sport a pop of turquoise with her purple peplum! 

June is designed after me and my college sorority sisters! We took a trip to the lake fresh out of college and had quite the adventure. When I laid the design out, I didn't know what colors to use, etc. Then I thought of my own friends and what they would wear on the beach or at the lake. This particular lake trip came to mind and includes some of the girls that were there (Morgan, Ashley, Sydney, Elizabeth, and me). 

Morgan is in the turquoise suit with matching towel. Her room in college was always this color, so it was a natural fit. Ashley is the blond with the purple stripe towel.... she's never been afraid of color. Sydney, the red-head, has a personality as bright as the colors she's wearing. Elizabeth is next with the navy suit and red and white stripe towel. She's has classic taste and it seemed natural to put her in something nautical inspired. Then there's me, top-knot, black suit (that you can't see), lime green towel (that I actually do own), and oversized shades. 

Sometimes the best inspiration is what's right in front of you! 

The rest of the fashionable ladies that are included in the planner are, unfortunately, not my friends, but they're fabulous. Head over to the website to see them all! 

I can't wait to see what you guys think of the new planner! It's time to start planning 2013 in style! 

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