April 4, 2018

The Spring Collection

Fresh flowers are blooming, the grass is exceptionally green and the
temperatures are on the rise. It can only mean one thing... Spring is in 
the air! Which also means there's a new collection that just hit the 
website. There are a few new additions that you don't want to miss
including three new greeting cards (my personal favorite being "Beth"
who's sporting only of my favorite trends right now, the color lavender ), 
six new notecards (pictured above), and two new notepads that are simply
perfect for your year-round list making! There's also a fresh playlist that 
will put you in the mood for an afternoon outside. 

There's also a fresh wave of encouragement waiting for you...
starting this month, an inspirational card will be included in the first 50 orders
each month. It's an attempt to lift the mood and encourage each other to be more
compassionate amidst the chaos of our world. We could all use a little encouragement
or a push in the right direction to go the extra mile for someone else. Will you keep
yours or give it to someone who needs to hear the monthly message more than you?
Frame it, keep it, gift it... you decide! Remember, there's only 50 each month. My
hope is that these monthly messages will reach all 50 states spreading hope-
filled messages across the country. So, without further ado, meet our
April message:

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