October 5, 2017

The Color Red, pt. 3

Today, let's talk about the red bag. It's absolutely the easiest way
to add a pop of red to your wardrobe. It pairs well with pretty much
any outfit. It's a classic believe it or not. You can spend a little bit 
and keep it for years on end. And, it's a sure way to brighten your
day (and your outfit)! I picked up a small red bag from Henri Bendel
a few years ago and still love it to death. I don't carry it every day, 
but it always makes me smile when I do. 

This season, I've been tying to make more calculated choices when it
comes to my wardrobe. I have been weighing the options, checking my
closet to make sure I don't have something similar, and investing in more
timeless choices. I love a good Target or Zara find as much as anyone,
but those are always the first pieces to go in a seasonal closet clean-out.
This bag is something I studied, looked at, and weighed the color choices
for months. It's by a designer I hadn't heard of and doesn't have a logo 
(a major win in my book). So the question was red or camel?

I ended up with the camel because of the previously mentioned
red bag that was already in my closet, but the red is still a top
choice. I love the bag itself and love the comments from the
peanut gallery when I carry it ("do you have a pair of binoculars
in there" // "your bag looks like a binocular case" etc etc). I get it. 
It looks like a binocular case, but I think it's fantastic. It has become
an unexpected conversation piece. 

Shop my other red bag pics that don't necessarily carry the same
conversation piece status but are still great choices:


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