July 10, 2017

Wedding Planner

Let's talk about weddings, shall we?

You've already popped the question to your maids (see
great ideas of how to do so here and here).... so, what now?

A great place to start is to pick up the BFP Wedding Planner 
(available here). Not only is it full of great ideas to keep you on
track (and on budget), but it's loaded with festive illustrations by
yours truly to make the planning even more inspired! 

Happy (almost) wife, happy life... or so the saying goes. To keep
your head straight throughout the week, use one of my favorite tools,
the Weekly To-Do List to make your list and check it twice. There's nothing 
more gratifying than crossing something off my to-do list, so I hope this is
 a life saver for all the brides-to-be!

Once you're in full wedding mode, the gifts are sure to start rolling in.
Keep track of every happy you receive by recording them in the Gift Log
It takes the guess work out of thank-you notes... did I already write that one? 
Who is this platter that we'll never use from? Stay on top of all of it with the 
Gift Log (you can thank me later). 

Lastly, don't wait until the last minute to start drafting your vows...
use these pocket-sized Vow Books to keep notes as you think of them. 

Happy wedding planning! 

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