October 16, 2015


Ok, so today is a day of travel. Let me set the scene for you...

Checked bags: 2 weighing in at 49 lbs. each 
(thank you, Southwest, for flying my bags for free)
Carry-on bags: 2
Crossbody bag: 1
Laptop: 1

Ok, so after you make sure your scale and the airport scale are the same and your checked bags are safely under 50 lbs. (or right at it), you drag your carry-ons that weigh about 300 lbs. combined to security. You're forced to strip down while holding your boarding pass and ID in one hand, carry-ons with the other. You have to remove your shoes, put your laptop in it's own bin, get all your carry-on items on to the conveyer belt while shoving that small cross body bag into one of those carry-ons so your carry-on total is only 2 while you look down and you're still holding that boarding pass and ID. Then the security officers start telling you that you don't need your ID anymore... well, too late, officer. It can be scanned up and down with me because I'm now exhausted and sweating. 

Then, you get the full body scan (barefoot) only to realize you left your watch on so it looks like you're carrying suspicious items on your wrist. Finally, you have to redress, put your laptop back in your carry-on only to find out it won't fit anymore and somehow get to the gate with said 300 lb. carry-ons. 

I'm so grateful for the safety precautions they take, but it makes an over-packer like me dread flying.   

Nevertheless, have a happy weekend! And wish me luck this evening as I'm about to head to the airport. 

Don't forget, if you're in the Pittsburgh area tomorrow, stop by the trunk show at No. 14 Boutique
(see more details here). 

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