September 16, 2014

Introducing the 2015 Planner

We're interrupting The September Issue to bring you the 2015 planner! Yes, it is finally available here

From Paris to Rome, New York to being home for the holidays, this year's planner is designed with the jet-setter in mind. It includes scenes from the most famous places to in the world to some of my favorite places to visit. 

January was (loosely) inspired by Versailles and the Hall of Mirrors, though I'm quite sure it doesn't look exactly like this. 

February is capturing a selfie moment in front of the iconic Love sign in New York City. 

March, we stay in NYC and take in the view from a fabulous rooftop. 

In April, we're crossing the pond to visit the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. 

May is highlighting something I've actually done, riding bikes through Central Park in NYC. Here, she's stopped in front of the Bethesda Fountain (also my part of my favorite scene in One Fine Day when they're running through the park to get to the soccer game).

June is all about the heat of summer and indulging in a sweet treat c/o the ice cream truck. 

July is iconically American. Whether you're lakeside or beachside, wear your stars and stripes with pride.

August hops back over to Paris sightseeing in front of one of the most famous landmarks, the Eiffel Tower. 

September stays overseas making the trek to London. While you're there you have to take a photo with the guards in front of the Buckingham Palace gates. 

October takes us to Rome to visit the Colosseum, a place I've never been but am hoping to visit one day. 

November is also somewhere I've never been, Amsterdam. It wasn't really on my radar until The Fault in Our Stars came out (and I sobbed the whole way through). 

December brings us back home for the holidays where  you hopefully get to spend time with family and friends (and ring in the new year in style). 



  1. I absolutely adore your designs! This will have to be an EARLY Christmas gift to myself! Love it all!

  2. I was so afraid that you would sell out and I would miss out. Glad to say, I can rest now, as I have placed my order. :) I adore the one I have this year and can't wait to get this one.
    Ms. K/1 ELL
    A Teacher's Plan

  3. What beautiful drawings! I love all your inspirations. So excited to get mine. Bought one for all my friends for Christmas. Hope I can wait to give it to them.

  4. Brittany, you drawings are very beautiful. I have a question for you, why most of our illustration are with blond girls? I have not seen many with asians or african girls. Is this have to be anything about races?



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