August 30, 2013

Out of the (shoe) Box

Life is short. Buy the shoes. 

Stay tuned... a fun announcement coming next week! 


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  2. Posted a comment on your website and very first post, but i really want you to see this: Hi, i'm patii, I just wanted to quicky say hi and say that I looove your work, blog, fashion, ideas, everything. I've spend the last months going trough your entire blog looking and reading your posts. I love fashion but I also hate sewing so I decided to story visual information design (is like an evolution of graphic design, every information that we obtain visually, that's what my career is about). I just wanted to tell you that you've inspired me and that you are now one of my role models. Please keep your awesome work for a milennium more! I am a big fan. Looove Patii Bereniice (greeting fom mexico)



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