April 18, 2013


If we can't go to the beach, let's at least go to Paris, right? One of your favorites is now available as a print! 

Purchase a print of her here

You know those nice restaurants that have a suggested wine with each course? Who am I kidding... I don't go to those either. Nevertheless, here are suggested pairings for "Bee"to make a standout gallery wall. 

For two (can be hung horizontal or vertical): 

For three (can also be hung horizontal or vertical): 

For four: 


  1. I love that you are grouping the images together - I enjoy seeing the colors play-off of each-other and how they coordinate!

  2. The four is my favorite! Love the groupings also. Decorating my closet and want to do that grouping in there. Thanks for the suggestions. Love your stuff! Very talented.



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