February 18, 2013

Fall '13

NY Fashion Week has come to a close as the editors and fashionistas alike head to London for the continuation of shoes. 

Let's talk trends... 

[ the hat ]

First of all, go to Wal-Mart and pick up a beanie because you'll need one. Most likely the cheapest trend we'll see, it's worth the investment as they were shown on nearly every runway. 

[ the coat ]

Next, RUN don't walk, to your nearest Goodwill and pick up the biggest and most ill-fitting men's coat you can find. 

[ the pants ]

Goodbye skinny pants, hello suit pants. This is one I am excited about... a looser, more casual feeling pant that's also slightly more flattering than a skin-tight pencil pant. A very borrowed-from-the-boys feel. 

[ the length ]

Not feeling the pants? For dresses and skirts, try a longer length, something that hits either right at or right below the knee. Very ladylike. Pencil or A-line are the way to go, both of which are 100% out of my comfort zone. We've got to figure out a way to make this one look younger...

[ the legs ]

So long heavy textured black tights. When the legs aren't bare, keep it light with a sheer tight.  

[ the bag ]

Structured and hand-held. That's all you need to know. You know those straps that you sling over your shoulder? Don't. Hold the bag without the straps. Practical, right? Just kidding... but I did love seeing it on the runway. If you don't feel like holding your bag like this, dabble in the trend by investing in something with structure. 

[ the shoes ]

The best part...

Whether it's a flat, wedge, or pump it's a POINTED toe. It completes the mix of lady-like with hints of menswear.  


  1. I love the advice. Thank you

  2. Interesting! Good predictions.

  3. This is the best Fashion Week trend round up I've seen so far. Nice!

  4. Love all these collages!! Amazing :D

    New post on my blog :)
    The Spotted Cherry Pie

  5. The shoes are by far my favorite! I could do without those coats that came back from the thrift store with Mackelmore.

    X Kenzie




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