January 14, 2013

Golden Globes 2013

I feel like it's the return of the Golden Globes. With Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosting, I found the entire show to be highly entertaining (and the dresses didn't disappoint either). From dark lips and retro waves to gowns in every color of the rainbow, it truly was a standout. 

Let's start with the good...
You can never go wrong with black, but these ladies all spiced it up a little while still being 100% fab. 

Katherine McPhee's shoes were to die for. Her head to toe look was spot on. 

And then there were those that wore white... all lovely with my favorites being Heidi, Michelle and Julianne. Anne Hathaway was just meh in my opinion, but so was her anticlimactic haircut in the movie. Her dress is Chanel, but seemed a little ill-fitting. 

Red on the red carpet... for Claire, Miranda, Jennifer and Naomi, it was a major success (the back of Naomi's dress was so fab)...

And for my other favorites, they all branched out with color and texture. What's not to love about Jessica Alba's fluffy clutch? Kerry Washington took a major risk and got a major reward with her shorter Miu Miu creation. Guiliana's first dress was so much more lovely than the black lacey thing she wore while doing interviews. And can we mention that Kelly Osbourne has to be the only person on the planet that can look this good with purple hair. 

This is what to wear on a red carpet when you're expecting... no further explanation needed. 

Now for the bad... no explanation needed here either: 

Ok, so I had some major issues with these three. They all seemed to have some bust problems. I mean, Halle Berry looks like she has one boob, Jessica Chastain's look like a 90 yr. old grandma down to her elbows, and Jennifer Lawrence is bringing back the Madonna pointed bra. 

They were all severely misguided which is so sad because they are all so fab most of the time (especially Jessica Chastain). 

And then there's Taylor who also seemed to enhance the breast region with some MAJOR support. Her and Lena chose this horrendous plum color both in a horrendous fabrication. I can't go on...

There were some major standouts in the way of accessories and hair. Debra Messing's jewelry made up for her unflattering Donna Karan number. How beautiful are her accessories? 

But the BIGGEST standout of the night was the difference in hair styles than what we've been seeing for years and years. For the up-dos, Julianne Hough takes the cake, but Taylor Swift and Amy Adams had some interesting creations...

I also loved how Claire Danes (and others) went for a less "done" look with loose curls...

(Can I have your body, Claire Danes? She gave birth one month ago... ONE MONTH!!!)

But for my FAVORITE THING OF THE NIGHT, the side-part retro side-swept curls. 

Ah, I was dying. Rachel Weisz (bottom left) had the most fab hair I think I've ever seen, which is funny because it looks like it's just rolled with hot rollers. So sleek, chic and cool. I'm such a fan of this. Goodbye center part, hello side-swept dramatic curls (I say this as I sit with hot rollers in my hair). This is so refreshing. Take a look, this is my new summer hair. 

And for a side note, they really should cover the after parties more because there is just as much (if not more) good fashion there as the actual show. Rachel Zoe dazzled in a sequined number while Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez made quick changes into these lovely numbers...

Jennifer's jewelry is so beyond... I want it all. 

And then there's the girl in the python dress. I found her on Twitter and Instagram and had never heard of her. For those that are with me and didn't know who she was, her name is Kelly Sawyer. I have been searching and searching for a full-body shot of her dress to no avail. If you find one, please send it to me. I LOVE the looks of the top half, so I'm dying to see the rest. 

Check back tomorrow for an illustration of my favorite of the night (I'm still trying to narrow it down). 


  1. Claire Danes and Kate Hudson were by far my favorite of the night! Great run down and picks!

    Haute Child in the City

  2. I always love to see your comments!!! Totally agree !

  3. Totally agree with everything you said!! Except, I did love Taylor Swift's look. Loved this post! Can't wait to see who your illustration will be of!



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