October 10, 2012

Fall trend to try: Sporty

Who knew that Sue Sylvester would be a trendsetter? 

Fashion's most fashionable have been turning to Sporty Spice for inspiration this fall. Channel your inner Sue with a pair of track pants...

Purchase Sue HERE - please note that this print is 8x10 horizontal

Or throw on a letter jacket...

Too much? For starters, you can try to incorporate a simple sporty tshirt or sweatshirt into your everyday wardrobe. 

Another option: throw on an old ball cap with your already fashionable getup. 

Or, my favorite idea, pair some tennies (preferably black) with, well, anything. Now I know what those ladies were thinking going for a power walk on their lunch break in their office attire and tennis shoes.

Taking a cue from Nike, if Alexander Wang's niece does it, then we all should...

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