September 24, 2012


For starters, I have yet to watch the actual award show. I've only seen the 5-hour red carpet coverage (the most important part, in my opinion). There is an illustration at the end...keep reading. While I was expecting to see a lot of whites and neutrals on the red carpet, I was pleasantly surprised to see a rainbow of colors...

Yellow and turquoise were popular choices. I love all of the yellow looks, especially the pregnant Claire Danes. 

The turquoise category did not thrill me. Heidi Klum looks stunning until you get to her shoes....the matching shoes absolutely killed me! Sofia and Julianne are a little too mermaid-ish for me. 

How about Lena and Hayden, the new it girls of tv that everyone was dying to see? Not so impressed...

Then there were those that simple sparkled (all solid choices)...

Thoughts on Christina in Christian Siriano and Zooey in Reem Acra? They kind of fell in the middle for me...

Then there are some less well-known in, of course, my favorite color, black. I don't even know who this first girl is, but I want to see more of her dress. I love it! And Edie Falco looks stunning...

I love the top-half of the dress on the left (again, no clue who she is - did I mention I don't watch tv?), but the bottom cut-outs are not so great. The gold and black is simple but stunning. 

Printed, embellished and interesting hemlines make these standouts... for better or worse? You decide. There's really only ONE dress in this group that I like, and it's not Nicole's.

How about the men? How can you push the limits on a classic tuxedo without looking like you're going to the MTV Music Awards? By going 50 shades of grey... still classic, but with a twist. 

Now, I love a good slit, but Angie really made a stance (literally) with her leg-baring look (and pose) at the Oscars this past year...

So much so that some decided to follow suit...

Ok, now to my FAVORITES!! Starting with these two neutral dazzlers...similar color, similar details, similarly fabulous. 

Kelly and Giuliana are both two die for... lavender is Kelly's color. 

Who are you? I don't know, but I love your dress...

And, of course, January Jones looks perfect in the black Zac Posen, though her hair and makeup are horrendous. 

And my favorite of the entire evening and best dressed, in my opinion, is Ginnifer Goodwin:

I tweaked it a little to add Giuliana's hair, a perfectly teased bouffant ponytail. 

I love it so much... you can purchase a print of Ginnifer here

all photos via E!online and


  1. Great post and great drawing! Perfect capture!

  2. Oh your favorites were mine too! Love this recap.



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