August 27, 2012

Carrie at Christie's

How could you let this outfit slip through the cracks? It's so good....

Red floral vintage dress (before peplums became the trend of the season), orange bag, I mean....there are no words. They keep playing the movie on E! and I watch it, every time. Numerous times in a week. And I own it on dvd. It's sad. 

Purchase a print of her here


  1. Girl. I watch my SATC DVDs EVERY night. I go from from Season 1 through Movie #2, watching at least 1 episode a night - it helps me fall asleep. Obsession? Yes. Disorder? Maybe.

    Needless to say, LOVE this illustration!

  2. Totally understand you!
    I can repeat nearly every conversation of this movie!

    You know, never change a winning team.. and SATC IS A WINNING TEAM :)

    <3 your illustration is amazing as always.




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