July 26, 2012

Summer Shorts

Get the perfect summer shorts look like this one inspired by Kathleen of Carrie Bradshaw Lied (love the title). Not only does she have exquisite taste in handbags (Celine, Chanel, Louis... just to name a few), but her closet is full of affordable finds that she styles impeccably. She's proof that you don't have to break the budget to look like a million bucks. We clearly share the same viewpoint to spend more on timeless bags, save on trendy pieces that will only last a season. She also shares cooking tips and recipes (for those that cook, myself not included). 


  1. OHMYGOD!!!! I absolutely adore this!! I have to have them!! I am so beyond flattered -- thank you so much for sharing this Brittany!

  2. Love this and I also looked up Carrie Bradshaw Lied. Love it too! Thank you



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