May 8, 2012

MET '12

Tonight's MET Costume Institute Gala was a lot to take in....lots of dresses that bored me and only a few that were anything to speak of. 

Let's start with the Winner's Circle:

Onwards to my favorite color category (and the color that fills my closet), those that dazzled in black:

I love Amy's dress, but I would have loved it more on someone like Gisele.

Golden ladies (simple and understated, I love it!):

Good yellow vs. BAD yellow:

Those that went the dr-dr-dr-amatic route:

Now, those that bored me to tears:

Dear Lea Michelle, please eat something...

The following left me utterly confused.

And what better way to end than with the most beautiful person, Beyonce, showing off her assets. 

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