November 9, 2011


So, lately life has taken over my life. You know what I mean? The kind of busy where I literally don't remember a time when my to-do list wasn't 55 pages long. 

That's my story. That's why my blogging hasn't been as regular as normal. 

I have a local holiday show that starts tomorrow (Christmas Village if you're in Nashville), and then ONE MORE for the year next week. I'm hoping after that, I can maybe breathe for a second. 

Until then, I have to share this lovely collection of butterfly-ness. 


  1. I love's about flying away :). The colors, the design, perfection in each one. you! Give your Mamma a hug for me : ). Xo, Lee Ann

  2. My mother's favorite thing!

  3. Brittany I love your blog!



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