October 16, 2011


Just a few of the custom projects I have been working on over the summer:

For the bride-to-be:

For the newly-weds:

For the bridal party:

For the graduate:

For your best girlfriend(s):

For an 80s themed party:

For a lovely store:

And for another lovely store, Neiman Marcus, featuring the Rachel Zoe collection for the Atlanta location's Fashion's Night Out event:

And finally, one of my favorites, a "Boudoir Bash" bachelorette party invitation. Now, when I heard the theme I was a little nervous about how to execute this one. Then, I saw the couple's engagement photos. Done deal. How could I not center the whole thing around this dress? 


  1. Everything is gorgeous! I gave my best friend (and myself!) one of your prints for her birthday - one of your pieces of 2 girls happened to look just like us!


  2. Beautiful Drawings. Wow Neiman Marcus! I love all of your drawings.

  3. So fantastic! I love them allllll. The rachel zoe one is extra fantastic. Will you be having single prints of her for sale at Christmas Village? Can I pre-order one?

  4. i still love my drawing Brittany!!! and so does my friend!!!!
    you are the best

  5. All the cards are beautiful!!!

  6. This is great one to see your blog last time I see same design to my friend Engagement party in chennai. Majorly used Aluminium scaffolding equipment used for light setting up to all trees edges. Really very gud looking.



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