September 19, 2011

Emmy Red Carpet

So I know that I've been an epic failure of a blogger lately. Nevertheless, let's talk about the Emmys last night! 

My FAVORITE favorite favorite dress was Gwyneth Paltrow. I mean, flawless.....

Other black looks I loved (both very retro):

 And two sleeved looks that were to die for:

And then my other random favorites:

A huge trend last night was red red red (how stunning is this first dress??):

Those that fell somewhere in the middle:

Then there were those that chose to wear blue, and made a REALLY bad decision:

I actually don't mind Katie Holmes in this blue dress, but there's something about her whole look that looks incomplete. I think it's the messy 90's hair. I love a top-knot, but this looks like one of those fake hair piece-scrunchy things has been wrapped around her bun. You remember those? 

And then there were those unfortunate ones that really made me sad:

Love this girl, hate this dress, hate this hair.

Heidi, we all know you have good legs, but this is way too young for you. 

Where do I even begin with this one? I honestly think that if it was a different color, it wouldn't be that bad. 

What's wrong with her face? Literally......

Love this green, but it's so ill-fitting and not flattering. 

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Who were your favorites?? 

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