June 6, 2011


At last night's MTV Movie Awards, the red carpet was mostly one big mess......as could be expected. Brooklyn Decker, however, is quickly becoming one of my red-carpet-must-sees. She has dazzled me lately with her simple, classic, and sophisticated style. Girl knows how to show off her assets: those legs. I would kill for those. 

For the epic failures, let's start with one that looks like a Christmas present itself:

I wonder if she knows it's summer? Now for the rest of the worst, so so soooooo bad:


Whoever that girl is in the black dress, not only is the dress an eye-sore, the blue shoes make no sense. KStew: safety pins AND pointy-toe shoes? Yikes. Nicki Minaj: no comment. Jessica Szohr: I think I also have no comment. 

Those that fall somewhere in the middle:

Animal prints:

The very few cute ones:

Mila + Emma: so cute and lovely. Leighton: the dress looks a little heavy but we'll let it slide since you still look good. Cameron: love the romper, but maybe better suited for someone slightly younger? Rude I know. 

I saved the best (and worst) for last, Blake Lively has rapidly become one to watch. I love her cobalt dress with the colored shoe. Where's Leo?? Amanda Bynes, on the other hand, shows us how to NOT where colored shoes. I mean, this is so bad, there are no words, not to mention she looks 5-ft. nothing in this choppy outfit. There isn't a single piece of this look that goes together. 

all images via instyle.com

That's all! 

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  1. I missed it! I hope you had a great Monday doll! I have some exciting news on my blog I hope you can check out! Have a great night honey! Kori xoxo




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