June 21, 2011

6 Moments - 6 Dresses

Something to chew on while you watch tv tonight....

Last week, InStyle reminded us that the year is halfway over (uggggg what happened to my New Year's resolution? Wait.....what was my resolution? Failure). 

Annnnyways, here are their picks for the 6 biggest style moments so far:

1. The Royal Wedding (agreed agreed):

2. Pippa is crowned as the new IT-girl:

3. Remembering Liz Taylor:

4. J. Lo's comeback:

5. Jennifer Anniston's new-do (really?):

6. Lady GaGa reinvents herself again for her new album:

And, here are their picks for the 6 biggest dresses of 2011 thus far:

1. Cate Blanchett in Givenchy:

2. Diane Kruger in Calvin Klein (disagree):

3. Michelle Obama in Tom Ford (disagree):

4. Hailee Steinfeld in Prada (disagree, but I do love her, and I do love the Prada stripes that have been everywhere this season....she started it all):

5. Jennifer Lawrence in Calvin Klein:

6. Kirsten Dunst in Rodarte (disagree disagree disagree):

Now, for the biggest style moments in my opinion.....

The first one is obvious....

(including but not limited to the amazing headgear, understated dresses, and of course Kate herself)

(While I have enjoyed seeing Pippa's popularity grow [and am still routing for her and Harry to get together], I find Blake, Brooklyn, Elle Fanning, Hailee Steinfeld and Jennfier Lawrence to be stunning and my new red-carpet-must-sees)

(such a huge trend, and I hope it stays around for fall)

(I don't want to say comeback, because I don't think she went anywhere. She just emerged this year looking simply stunning every time she hit the red carpet in a nude/gold/shimmery column gown)

(Lanvin's kids collection is beyond words) 

(And my final style moment, drum roll please, is my new BFF: Pinterest. It's the ultimate "electronic cork board" as my friend described it last night, and the best way to get inspired after a long day of un-inspiration)

Now, for my 6 biggest dresses of 2011 so far:

(I mean COME ON....how could you NOT pick Kate's 2 dresses. They will be the 2 most copied dresses of the year. And Pippa's dress, well we all know I died when I saw that one. I was a huge fan of Victoria Beckham's simple navy number with her stunner hat. Brooklyn Decker in hot pink at the MET, I love love loved the understated beauty of the whole look. And finally, miss Princess Beatrice and THE hat....another one that I not forget anytime soon). 

And these were my runners-up:

(Less is more is definitely the name of the game right now. I love the bright hues in simple shapes, not a lot of glitter/sparkle. Then there's Anne's backless, long-sleeve stunner.)

Be back in December with my biggest dresses of the year, period....unless nothing changes and these are still my favorites. 

What were your favorites?? 

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