May 10, 2011

Red Rain Boots

So, it was brought to my attention that I needed more brunette options for notecards (funny that I didn't even notice as I am now a brunette). 

Anyways, here's what I came up with....what do you think? 

What shall we name her? She reminds me most of my friend Sarah, but I already have a Sarah and a Garland (her middle name), so I'm at a loss. I want her to have a name name, not "Red Boots" or something to that effect. Send me your thoughts! Who does she remind you of? 

Inspired by these photos (via Atlantic-Pacific):

Send me your ideas asap so she can be added to the collection!! 


  1. Love it! When thinking of red and rain...Randi came to mind?!

  2. How about Sunny/Sonni? The opposite of what she is holding. A good disposition no matter what the weather is.

  3. Ruby or Posey. :)

  4. What about Bootie??? I like April too.

  5. Im so happy you are adding more brunettes because I love your blonde rain girl but Im a brunette. I vote April too!

  6. She is so cute!! April or Sunni, is adorable.. and I love she is a brunette!!



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