April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding pt. 1

I just can't decide which one to draw, so I'll just post pictures for now. Thoughts on which one you want to see drawn? 

We'll start with the guests....

Not sure about the Queen's yellow, but I am sure that her hat is terrible. 

The precious little ones....

And of course the bride & groom....

Yes, her dress was stunning. It's definitely not what I expected, but very fitting for the occasion. 

It looked like a movie set...

But, I really couldn't take my eyes off of Victoria Beckham (in those custom Louboutins)....

Tara & Zara....

And yes, Princess Eugenie (because her outfit was terrible), and Princess Beatrice (love it or hate it? I LOOOOVE it). It's so over the top. I die. I think the color is perfection with her hair color. 

But the REAL show-stoppers, in my opinion, were Harry & Pippa....I want them to get married now. 

Pippa's dress was absolute perfection. There are no words. Chelsy, who? She looks top heavy. 

And, of course, we must discuss Kate's second dress, which was so much the same as the first. Once again, Pippa's dress was more note-worthy. 

Kate Middleton is the picture of class, and she looked stunning today, a perfect princess. But best dressed of the day goes to little Pippa. 

Photos from people.com - vogue.com - style.com - huffington post - new york magazine - abc.com


  1. Totally agree about Pippa. I will have to say that I like the look of the second dress better than the first for Kate. Wish her first was a dressed up version of the second one or a dressed up version of Pippa's look. Thought she would have worn something sleek like Pippa's. She looked beautiful but I just didn't think she would have a poofy dress. She is too sophisticated for that. Victoria Beckham looked amazing. I think you should draw Kate!

  2. Love it all. I like that Pippa wasn't afraid to have a little color on her face. Kate was gorgeous though. I figured she would go ballgown but was a little surprised by the traditional dress, jewelry, flowers and hair all together. She looks more like herself in the second dress.... but I guess she had to look like a princess. Either way, draw Kate part deaux


  3. everything about the day was breathe taking... i think chelsea davy always looks a little flustered... beatrice looked great in the custom valentino, not sure if the hat was too much




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