February 28, 2011

Oscar Red Carpet

What a snoozefest.......both the show and most of the dresses. 

There were a few standouts though. One of my favorites was probably missed by most. It was Mark Ruffalo's wife in this lovely black column gown (awful haircut aside)....

Other favorites start with another one I missed on the carpet but found online....Sharon Stone. 

Lovely column gowns....simple but so beautiful. 

Best of the pooooof..... Halle is stunning. 

And yes, surprisingly I love these two....

Hillary could use some jewelry, but I do like the dress, especially because of the ombre effect on the bottom. 

Poofiness I didn't love so much....

And Reese, such a classic. I love her head to toe look.....reminds me of a Barbie. 

Lovely purple.....

Sparkle....with emerald accents, appropriate for all ages. 


Helen Mirren, you are timeless, but this slightly bores me.  

I really think she should have worn Mandy Moore's dress. 

There are no words for these two....I don't understand. 

GOOD red.....she looks so perfect....I loved her hair, makeup, simple jewelry. Such perfection. 

BAD red.....


If you wear red, get a spray tan. 

And now for the maroon purple category, what were they thinking? I really wish Natalie Portman's stylist would stop putting her in matching dress, shoes and jewelry. And purse. There's NO need for it all to be the same color, especially when it's maroon. But I did tear up during her speech. And I love her still. No need to go into detail about ScarJo. 

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  1. I did notice the black and gold, but your drawing is better than it looked on TV. Gwinette, Reese and Halle were my choices by far. Love Nicole, but was so dissapointed in her dress. She is still beautiful.



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