February 9, 2011


Alright, here's the deal....

The Paper Doll page became the Runway page as a way for me to post daily the latest collections that will be shown at Fashion Week (which starts tomorrow). I did it as a separate page as to not bore those who could care less about what Valentino and Zac Posen are showing for future seasons. But I mainly started it because I could spend hours looking at the latest Runway pictures.....I thought I'd share. 

I think it's time for another new idea once Fashion Week is over.....so what are your ideas? What do you want to see that page become? I'm going to giveaway TWO boxes of stationery to the person that I think has the best idea (one box of a Valentine's girl of your choice, and another box from the collection of your choice). And I'll even personalize them with your name (if you want). 

So put your thinking cap on and EMAIL me your ideas.....don't comment here....EMAIL me. I will pick a winner FRIDAY, so HURRY


 Here's the three Valentine's girls you get to pick from:

And head over to my website to view the full collection to pick out your other box.....

Hurry hurry hurry! Email me!!!


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