February 23, 2011

Fashion Week: trends

Sorry for not posting yesterday.....you get a double dose of fun today to make up for it. 

More things & trends I love from NY Fashion Week.....

L E O P A R D  is still going to be around. 

S T R I P E S 

The new look for evening,  S E P A R A T E S

And chunky sweaters over everything for all occasions. 

You know that awkward sash tie thing that is on some of your tops? Well, try tying it in a bow.....you'll be a trend-setter. 

Ditch the black tights and try  G R E Y  Legs instead. 

Love these hoods.....

The big question every season is what will the skirt length be? For Fall, it's hitting right below the knee....proceed with caution. 

And as always, leather is here to stay. But designers used it in a different way than just with jackets. Love the first dress by Derek Lam, leather for evening....

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