April 19, 2010

more blogs I frequent

I thought I would update you on my daily blog visits. The list has grown.....

Below you will find a variety of blogs, but they are all semi-fashion-related in my book. I click through my bookmarks at the top of my page with lightning speed but make sure to take in all the new updates on each page. These pages continue to inspire me not only in a creative way, but also to continually update my blog. Trust me, there are days when you sit and look at the computer screen and go, I have absolutely nothing to say today. After clicking my way through the blog world, I can usually come up with something thanks to the pages listed below. 

My soon-to-be-sister-in-law started a blog, and she is a much better writer than me. (This is why I use so many pictures and not a lot of words). 

The Impossible Cool, the ultimate source for classic black and white photos of some of Hollywood's greatest.

Style Blueprint, a great source for local Nashville shopping & eating. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing..can't wait to read all of them...and sit at my computer for even longer each day!!



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