March 1, 2010

dolce & gabbana

They are style icons for a reason. The team of designers ended their most recent show in Milan with a pack of models parading down the runway in finely tailored jackets leaving little up to the imagination on the bottom, but it still looked classy.  


The whole collection had a hint of 1920s in it with touches of lace, satin, and ultimately burlesque-ness with sheer pieces that were far from trashy. Where might you wear a look like this? Why to the cabaret of course.  

Dolce & Gabbana in my eyes:

My other favorite pieces were these that had a combination of leopard & polka-dots. Again, they each had an edge with the sheerness of the fabrics. 

Maybe if I could afford a pair of Dolce & Gabbana panties, I might be more inclined to wear an outfit like this revealing them. Oh wait, 

N O   W A Y

People, leave it to the models.

...much love...


  1. Looved this illustration....

    Only D&G can make panties and blazers look classy...

  2. This look is CLASSIC! Beautiful illustrations.



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