November 6, 2009


I started my own stationery company! FINALLY! This project has been in the works for about 5 and half months (really is started before that, but I "got serious" about it after I graduated from college in May). Honestly, trying to start and write a blog has been harder than starting a company. I've started over like 3 times.

Anyways, how did I get here? I always thought I wanted to be a clothing designer, and I guess I am still pursuing this passion. I have always loved to draw and I love all things related to day I put the two together and found my niche. I printed my own stationery a couple of years ago to write thank you notes to those I interviewed with in NYC trying to get an internship. I did get an internship, actually I got two, and I LOVED it so much (best summer of my life living in New York). I learned more than I ever did in 20+ years of school. While I was there, I discovered that New York was not the place for me. I love it, I love visiting it, and I will continue to go back as frequently as I can. However, Nashville is home to me!

So why did I decide to focus on paper instead of clothing? I haven't ruled out the idea of branching out into getting my designs made one day. Not today though. I HATE to sew. I don't have the drive to sit behind a sewing machine to get a clothing line started. I feel more strongly about sharing my designs with people to spread the joy of note-writing. It's almost a lost art with the online world these days. I've been the one keeping the stationery companies in business lately. I have always collected loads of stationery....I've got quite the collection. I'm the one who always writes thank you notes and pointless notes just to say hi. Despite the increase in stamp prices, I love sending mail and I hope you will, too!

This blog is designed to be a inside glance into the world of a stationery connoisseur, if I can even call myself that. However, as those closest to me can tell you, I am a sponge for pointless information. Eventually, it's all going to come out somewhere.

For now, please visit me in the online world....

I love feedback, suggestions, ideas, etc. Please contact me with any information you want to share!

That's enough for now......

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  1. Hi, i'm patii, I just wanted to quicky say hi and say that I looove your work, blog, fashion, ideas, everything. I've spend the last months going trough your entire blog looking and reading your posts. I love fashion but I also hate sewing so I decided to story visual information design (is like an evolution of graphic design, every information that we obtain visually, that's what my career is about). I just wanted to tell you that you've inspired me and that you are now one of my role models. Please keep your awesome work for a milennium more! I am a big fan. Looove Patii Bereniice (greeting fom mexico)



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