November 11, 2009

Christmas Come Early

Is anyone else in love with Crewcuts like I am? Could the clothes AND the kids be any cuter? I think not. The catalog came in the mail the other day, and though I have no children and have no plans for children in the near future, I obsess over it! I look through it numerous times picking out my favorite outfits wishing I could wear them and look as cute.

Case and point:

They make these boots in adult sizes. I have them. I don't look as cute in them.

I can't figure out which I want more: to be one of the kids in the catalog, or to be the designer and creative director that puts this whole catalog together. How fun would it be to play with kids clothes all day and put these outfits together?

I want to be the Crewcuts designer!!! It puts me in the mood for Christmas and SNOW, which we never get here in Nashville. Maybe this year will be the year for it!

Merry early Christmas!

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