September 14, 2018

Fall Cups

With a new season comes a new wardrobe. Why shouldn't that also translate
to your morning coffee cup? It's hard to think about cozying up with a hot
Pumpkin Spiced Latte in a summer-inspired cup. So, without further ado,
I'd like to introduce you to Blair, Serena and Lily, our fall girls.

Not only are our 27 oz. insulated tumblers ideal for keeping your morning coffee hot for
hours, they're also great for keeping a cup of soup warm until lunch or icing down your
favorite tailgate drink. Do I even need to elaborate on how they're the perfect gift? Fill
one to the brim with candy corn (bonus points if you mix it with dry roasted peanuts for
the perfect fall blend), arrange freshly picked flowers for a friend in need of a pick-me-up,
or grab that must-read book everyone is talking about and tie a bow around it. Consider
this your pat on the back because you just nailed the fall gifting game. 



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